Recognize the type of mite bite and its medicine

Even though it is not medically dangerous, itching and irritation on the skin due to mite bites can greatly interfere with one's activity and appearance. The following are various effective ways to deal with annoying bite mites. Based on the number of mite species that exist, the symptoms due to mite bites can vary. Sarcoptes scabiei, home dust mites, and Demodex are the most common types of mites found attached to and irritating to the skin in several parts of the body. Several other types of mites, such as bird mites, rat mites, pig mites, and straw mites, are also known to be attached to the skin and their bite can cause itching and irritation, or simply cause dry skin. How to Overcome Mite Bite Based on Species Sarcoptes scabiei This mite species bites and digs tunnels under the skin and causes scabies (scabies) or scabies. Symptoms of this type of mite bite are itching of the skin, especially in the folds of the skin, such as the armpits, between the fingers, waist, el
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